about us

The client, from the start, has an accurate and complete information regarding the design, timelines, total investment costs and any other element. Every detail added to the design is based on the client's preferences.

In terms of design, style, colors, volumes, functions, quality of materials, price-quality ratio, we believe that we have accumulated
good experience and we continue to explore contemporary solutions.

Ultimately, YOU are the one who decides. We are here to assist and provide maximum service if you choose to be part of a unique experience with our team of professionals.

our culture

One of the basic principles on which our work is based, is the placement of all knowledge, experience and creativity in all our realizations. Each project is unique and deserves to be treated as such, giving maximum attention to the most minimalist details.

Realizations and creations, apart from being based on our knowledge, are also developed based on the preferences and expectations that our customers have. By adding and combining all the parts of the design and based on the client's preferences, we achieve what is called, the final product.


our culture

The basis of every project is the environment where even the smallest detail is created, Arkitekti Im studio. For this reason, we have created a work culture, which is based on a very positive and energetic environment. These details make our staff motivated and ready to give their best in every project.

The moment you choose to work with us, you become part of Arkitekti Im history.

our staff

Our staff is composed of professionals and energetic, talented and specialized people in the field of design, creativity and providing a quality service in the field of architecture. What makes us the first choice for our clients, is the willingness to provide solutions even for the most minimalist details and adapting the work to the client's preferences and choices. Numerous requests have made our staff always bring innovations and new ideas, adapting to the latest trends in the field of design. A project is considered complete, when the client defines it as such.